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Prepared for all eventualities

Comprehensive sports insurances for professional and amateur athletes as well as clubs

SVL Sports

Your reliable partner in sports insurances of any kind
Brokerage agency for athletes
SVL Sports provides sports insurances to professional and amateur athletes as well as clubs. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise looking after the big World Tour, Pro Continental Tour, and Continental Tour cycling teams worldwide, we offer tailored, competitive products. Furthermore, we only work with reputable international insurers.
One-stop service
From accident insurance through operator contingency insurance to special property insurance for sports equipment – we have the right products and partners for your needs.
The partner on your side
You too can benefit from our experience and our excellent contacts in the world of international insurance. More than 1200 professional athletes, staff members and 45 professional cycling teams all around the world are doing so already and we can gladly make you a non-binding offer too.